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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Tour of Kwasu

It was a long 45 minutes drive from the Capital of Kwara Ilorin to Malete. The journey was quite smooth. We were only stopped wen we got to sobi barracks fir a routine check. Arriving at Malete where the only visible sign of life were trees scattered around. We finally got to tge main campus of the school (Finally a lot of buildings). Arriving a little early for my exam We were told to wait .....

Monday, 29 August 2016

Welcome to Ago Iwoye. I noticed this ad I entered the school. I saw the sign and insignia of the school on top of the entrance gate. I was there to write my post utme. Upon arrival I was directed to show my pass which I did. Then I was taken to a waiting hall where more than 200 other aspirants waited with me. Looking around the institution I could not but notice the grass that was spread around the school like wild fire. To be honest the only thing that made me know that it was an institution was the tertiary institution fund and buildings scattered around. The hall looked old and well in need of renovation. We were ushered into a school bus that conveyed us to the institution's ict centre where we sat for the examination. Though no student was available for questioning we were able to gather this few things. 1. It is owned by the Ogun State Government. 2. School Fees: N99500 upper ward. 3. The new vc Prof Sabiru eliminated the cultism to the barest minimum. 4. It is a multi campus university with others in various parts of the state. 5. It was formerly called Ogun State university With poor electricity and badly kept environment this school recieves A 3 star rating. NB: THIS CAN BE APPEALED USING THE CONTACT US BUTTON.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

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